How was Stickwork made?

Up With Trees collected saplings and branches from the Tulsa area, along with elements of larger local trees. The larger elements were used to construct a solid frame, around and through which the smaller saplings and branches were weaved.


What keeps it from flying away in the Oklahoma wind?

The larger framing trees are set more than two feet into the ground. In addition, because the sculptures are constructed of loosely woven saplings, branches, and sticks, air and wind are able to move through and around the artwork easily.

How long will Stickwork be in downtown Tulsa?

Because Stickwork is made of natural materials, it will degrade over time. We anticipate the art to last 1-2 years (or 3 if we're lucky). Some communities with Stickwork installations have given the artwork a big send-off; we'll let you know how we plan to say farewell when the time comes.

Is it okay to touch?

Absolutely! Go inside, peek out the windows, and immerse yourself in the art. Just don't remove any of the sticks.

Who paid for Stickwork?

Stickwork was paid for through a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and several local organizations, foundations, and individuals. For a full list, visit our About page.